Certification of documents: A notary can certify signatures on various documents, such as contracts, powers of attorney, wills and others.
Document Drafting: A notary can help you create various legal documents such as agreements, sales contracts, powers of attorney, wills and others.
Probate: A notary can help you with inheritance matters, including drafting wills and inheritance issues.
Powers of Attorney and Powers of Attorney: A notary can notarize powers of attorney and powers of attorney that give you or others the authority to act on your behalf.
Purchase and sale of real estate: A notary participates in transactions of purchase and sale of real estate, certifying signatures on contracts and drawing up the necessary documents.
Apostille and legalization: A notary can certify apostille or legalization of documents so that they are recognized in other countries.
Death Certificate: A notary can help you process death certificates and other documents related to the loss of a loved one.
Family Law: A notary can participate in the preparation of prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements and other documents related to family matters.
Legal Advice: A notary can provide legal advice on a variety of issues and help clients understand the legal aspects of their actions.
Other legal services.

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