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Automotive powers of attorney
Copies of documents
Powers of attorney for citizens
Inheritance of a will
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Moscow, Kuznetsky Most St., 21/5

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2 thoughts on “Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews”
  1. This notary’s office is a portal to a dimension where the ordinary gives way to a series of perplexing and absurd occurrences. Delays and unprofessionalism are the bizarre events that continually leave your documents in a state of perpetual perplexity. It’s like navigating an ever-changing maze of inefficiency, where each twist and turn reveals a new layer of bewilderment. The notarial experience transforms into an unpredictable maze, and each encounter with the notary is a turn in the labyrinth of bureaucratic challenges.

  2. My visit to this notary’s office feels like a descent into a bewildering labyrinth, where inefficiency, unprofessionalism, and delay intertwine to create intricate patterns within an enigmatic puzzle. It’s a constant quest to decipher the hidden rules and uncover the true path to your goals. The notarial experience transforms into an enigmatic puzzle, and each encounter with the notary is a step into the intricate maze of bureaucratic challenges.

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