This company made it into the top 10 event agencies in Moscow thanks to its creativity and attention to each client. When organizing events, the team aims to create a favorable emotional environment for the growth and success of your business. Each event is created according to the TCS Task – Creative – Success principle.

+7 (495) 481 22 33
Moscow, st. Raspletina, 12k1, office 417/418

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2 thoughts on “Moscow Event Reviews”
  1. In the future, it may be helpful to provide more details about specific incidents or interactions that stood out to you, as it can add depth to your review and offer a more comprehensive perspective to others who may read it. I hope that despite the challenges you faced, there were still moments of joy and love on your wedding day.

  2. I am deeply sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with this company. Organizing a wedding is an incredibly important and personal event, and it’s disheartening when things don’t go as planned. Your frustration with the incompetent manager and the subsequent issues during the event is completely understandable.

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