This agency was created to quickly take off people, companies and products. Corporate and business events are produced here – from venue rental and technical support to creative concepts, online broadcasts, selection of speakers and catering. The agency also loves to blur boundaries and work with companies around the world.

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Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment, 6, building 3

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2 thoughts on “Event agency Leteam reviews”
  1. We collaborated with this company to organize a corporate event for our company, and we had numerous complaints and grievances. Firstly, they failed to meet deadlines and budget constraints, constantly demanding additional payments for what was originally included in the contract. Secondly, they did not fulfill their obligations in preparing and executing the event. There was no script, no program, no entertainers, and no technical support. Everything was done hastily and without professionalism. Thirdly, they lacked proper communication skills with clients. They were rude, impolite, and unresponsive to our calls and emails. We were extremely dissatisfied and have no intention of working with this company again.

  2. I am extremely disappointed with the work of this company. I hired them to organize my wedding, and it turned out to be a complete nightmare. It started with an incompetent manager who failed to consider my wishes and constantly mixed up dates and details, and it ended with poor service at the actual event. The wedding cake was ruined, the music was not what I had chosen, and the photographer disappeared after the first hour. I do not recommend this company to anyone

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