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Address: Second floor sound & vision house Francis Rachel Str., Victoria Mahe Seychelles

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About company

On this platform, clients can trade the most popular assets – currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies and indices.

Signet Capital clients benefit from intensive training, personal account manager and 24/7 professional customer support and assistance. With ​Signet Capital  you can fully manage your account over mobile or web.

Both platforms support immediate deposits, fast withdrawals and uploading of documents.

Trade with the world’s #1 FX broker!

At ​Signet Capital we pride ourselves on offering fully transparent quality execution, alongside some of the best trading conditions in the industry.

  No brokerage office intervention

  Competitive spreads without commissions

–  Ultra-fast execution with most orders filled <14ms

–  Co-located data centers with ultra-low latency

  Deep liquidity providing the best possible Bid and Ask prices

By admin

  1. Well, what kind of broker is this, which does not tell anything about trading conditions. What are the commissions? But they are in any case, because the company tells us about an average spread of 0.1 points and at the same time allegedly withdraws to liquidity providers – then by what miracle does the office earn? In principle, I am inclined to the option that there is no withdrawal to suppliers, and the Signet Capital office is a banal kitchen. Other than that, there is no detailed specification of contracts, no demo account to try the service, and it is not clear what the minimum deposit is. In general, a lot of important parameters are tritely unknown. Like the company itself, it’s the same. The specific legal address, the names of the suppliers, the date of foundation – no, you don’t need to show it, but why, let the traders guess and think out for themselves. No normal broker will behave and show like Signet Capital.

  2. These scammers from Signet Capital called my friend like crazy for a while, not so long ago. So it is possible that they will call you, especially if you are engaged in trading, investments or have ever done so. Fraudsters buy out leaked databases, then they try to find a person who can be fooled and take money from them.
    These non-dobrokers called the girl 10 times a day. At first, they simply offered to trade on favorable terms on their own platform. The girl did not attach any importance to this at first. Then they began to sell her that she would receive signals that have a high success rate, provide a personal pro-manager, and so on. Such tales told that you simply wonder how this can be at all, why don’t they trade then, since you can make millions on their signals?
    But thank God that they did not manage to divorce the girl for money at all. She turned out to be a tough nut to crack, plus she has brains. I looked at the reviews on the Internet, there are mostly negative comments, and I decided not to answer calls anymore. They called for a few more days and then hung up.

  3. I thought most people were already immune to this kind of scam. But it turned out that there was nothing.
    I hope that those people who fell for the tricks of this fraudulent broker lost small amounts that did not affect their lives.

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