Powers of attorney – motor vehicles, real estate, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, inheritance, litigation, privatization
Consents – travel abroad, real estate, legal entities
Applications – real estate, inheritance, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
Contracts and agreements – purchase and sale, exchange, donation, lifelong maintenance, rent, transfer for use, legal entities
Inheritance – power of attorney, statement, will
Pledge of movable property (the notary enters into the register of notices of pledge of movable property the information contained in the notice of pledge of movable property)
Duplicate document (to obtain a duplicate of a document, this document must first be found by a notary. In order for the notary to start searching for the document you need, you must submit an application for a duplicate)
Providing evidence – site inspection for individuals and legal entities, individual entrepreneurs.

+7 (495) 621-15-43
Moscow, Maly Kharitonyevsky lane, 8/18, building 1

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2 thoughts on “Notary Vorobyova Olga Anatolyevna reviews”
  1. My visit to this notary office is reminiscent of a twilight zone, where time seems to crawl at an agonizing pace, and inefficiency and unprofessionalism cast a surreal spell of frustration over everything. It’s a dimension where the laws of time and logic seem to warp and twist in unpredictable ways. The notarial experience transforms into a surreal odyssey, and each encounter with the notary is a step into the perplexing and otherworldly dimensions of bureaucratic challenges.

  2. Opting for this notary’s service is like entering a theater of errors. Delays, a noticeable lack of expertise, and unprofessionalism take center stage, and your documents become embroiled in a plot of confusion. It’s a drama where the script is rewritten with every interaction. The notarial experience becomes a theatrical performance, and each encounter with the notary is a scene in the unfolding drama of bureaucratic challenges.

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