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About company

Reliable partner

We started our activity in 2012. Since then, we have not stopped improving our online platform for trading such assets as stocks, commodities, stock indices, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.

Your funds are safe

Our client funds are a priority value for us. All client funds are held separately in segregated bank accounts and are protected by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

This means that even in the event of our bankruptcy, the value of your assets will be protected under the ICF up to EUR 1 million by Lloyd’s.

Security Guarantees

Records that you own securities assets are kept in a depository account with a depository. A depository is a professional participant in the securities market, like an exchange or a broker. He is responsible for recording the rights of investors to securities.

Our story

We started as a small group of enthusiasts who wanted to gain access to trading digital assets. Gaining experience, we decided to make our online trading platform available to anyone. And for 12 years now we have been providing online brokerage services. Giving the opportunity to make transactions on the majority assets without even leaving home.

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3 thoughts on “UTX REVIEW”
  1. I do not advise you to mess with this basement office. It was necessary to break through their reputation earlier, but for some reason the hands did not reach. But he could save himself from losses. I transferred 1000 dollars, first I tested the demo account, and everything was fine. And on real terms, each transaction was closed in the red. Even statistically, it can’t be. I’m sure that scammers draw quotes themselves in order to squeeze out the trader’s hard-earned money… UTX deceived not only me, negative reviews appear on the network, but quickly disappear somewhere

  2. UTX has appeared relatively recently. Many people recommend and praise the company, they say that the profit is really growing before our eyes, they mention modern equipment and the stability of the terminal, but I still can’t answer unequivocally. The fact is that a legal broker first of all must obtain licenses from the Central Bank, but here this is shamelessly neglected. This fact raises some concerns, why should a normal intermediary avoid the domestic regulator?

  3. I doubt that cooperation with this under-agent can bring at least some positive experience. Before you deposit your hard-earned money, UTX will promise you mountains of gold and a yacht in the Caribbean, but after the deposit (and I had 2000 bucks) your eyes will open. And you will realize that you have fallen into the trap of unscrupulous scammers who will systematically write off your funds and enjoy life while you become bankrupt.

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