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Address: 13 Bd Princesse Charlotte, 98000 Monaco

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About company

We are StocksYWG

We invest for the long term because building a successful, sustainable business can lead to greater returns, a stronger community, and economic growth that will satisfy every one of our clients.

What are we doing?

The broker has been on the market for 8 years. During this time, the company managed to win recognition among traders around the world. We offer the best technological solutions for trading. The company’s trading conditions make it possible to maximize the profit potential that financial markets have. Trade stocks, indices, metals and currencies with a minimum spread and leverage up to 1:100! Together with us you will be able to achieve high results on the stock exchange!

Our specialty

StocksYWG is one of the leaders in the global financial transactions market. We always provide our partners with the most up-to-date trading information. StocksYWG brings together the best financial experts to help you get the most out of your trading. You will start earning on the cryptocurrency, commodity and stock markets without unnecessary difficulties. Our site is equipped with all modern security and network protection systems. Our customer support is available 24/7 and ready to help you anytime, anywhere.

Our activities

StocksYWG serves clients on a brokerage model and acts as an intermediary between the client and liquidity providers in the interbank foreign exchange market. The company provides clients with the opportunity to use any trading strategies without any restrictions: from classic trading strategies to algorithmic and NFT trading.

Our story

StocksYWG was founded in 2015. We are a rapidly growing brokerage company that allows retail investors to participate in global trading on the exchange.
We have had huge success in European markets and are now focusing on expanding our strategic scope.
As for management, it was customary to hire one of the best financiers in the world to manage the company. But not every financier is capable of thinking how to run a company.
Very well-known entrepreneur Barry Wordman has been hired for this position.
Immediately after taking over as CEO, Barry signed contracts with the world’s top financial institutions to train gifted students. This made it possible to notice geniuses among the financial world and sign large contracts with them.

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3 thoughts on “STOCKSYWG REVIEW”
  1. Bitches!! They cheated on my wife! My wife quit her job due to illness, the pain in her joints and bones was unbearable, so she decided to look for a job remotely, I didn’t pull our family myself, because her medicines increased significantly in price. And then one day they answered her questionnaire, under the pretext that there was a free vacancy for a broker, my wife didn’t even know who it was, and they offered her training, but in order to understand how it works, she herself had to invest a minimum deposit, at first she boasted of her achievements , started making money there, we took a microloan because we were told that the amount was too small to earn money. Having earned a little more, we urgently needed money, when trying to withdraw money, a bunch of commissions appeared, which were not indicated anywhere, the site began to lag, and the broker was ignored. Zhenya urgently needs a joint replacement surgery, we are not given a loan due to an outstanding microloan. Tell me how to return the money ???

  2. I screwed up badly when I fell for StocksYWG’s persuasion! At first I was led by the words of the broker, and then after seeing enough reviews I decided that it was really profitable, at that time I did not know that reviews can also be faked. As soon as the money got into their account, the chances of getting it back are 0!

  3. I can’t believe I fell for this basement office. Earning a profit in StocksYWG is only half the trouble, you still need to withdraw it somehow. The site indicated that the company allows you to withdraw any amount to almost all directions, but it turned out that it was impossible to return this money even to the card from which the money was credited. After this “company”, the desire to engage in trading completely disappeared.

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