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Global News strives to make sure that every client can fully realize his potential as an investor. To this end, we have developed and implemented a special three-level system for delivering information to the client.

We strive to provide customers with modern training methods, as well as updating and timely informing regarding the main events taking place in the financial markets.

High Security Levels

We are aware of how important safety and security is for our clients. So, we are providing our traders with an outstanding security level while trading with us. Their online transactions are protected with SSL security standard, which is the same standard offered by banks. Our system provides accurate information and high speed trading execution time.

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3 thoughts on “GLOBAL NEWS REVIEW”
  1. Global News is an offshore scam! It is not possible to make money, you will simply be strangled with spreads and a buggy terminal! At night, the terminal works fine, and during the day there are a lot of slippages. Perhaps they do this with a specialist, because during the day more people trade and that means more money can be drained! But in any case, normal brokers don’t do that!

  2. Probably, my story is not the only one (I worked at a construction site and got injured in the summer, which put an end to my work and in general to the possibility of working somewhere other than at home. Treatment is possible, but it needs money. I worked as a copywriter all this time, a little saved up, but this is not enough considering that you need to be treated in Europe and get there somehow. When I stumbled upon this broker, I even believed a little in a miracle. I decided that it was either pan or gone. And everything was fine until recently when I went into the office, and the account is just 0. I transferred all the money there, now I don’t even have to hire a lawyer to help me return the money. Support only feeds me breakfast and says that Here is the problem to be solved. Miracles do not happen. As well as the chances that someday I will walk again (

  3. I would try to register here, but I have never traded on cTrader. Is it somehow different from MetaTrader or is it the same functionality? And I won’t find a video of tutorials on it, although the terminal is well-known. Maybe I can find the answer to my question on the Internet.

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